London Cocktail Week Review

Quick Coffee Read

We had bought tickets before we realised we could have got them for free for this event, but hey ho! We arrived around 3pm and it was quite quiet, naturally, so we thought it best to get a little bit of food before we started. There was a selection of food stalls so we grabbed something before we hit up the first bar for a drink!

As we are heading back to the stands, we go past Aviation American Gin stall, which happens to be partnering up with Revolution Bars Group. Me and my boyfriend worked for the company for the best part of 7/8 years, he still does but I left earlier his year. We know two of the bartenders as one of them used to work with Josh in Manchester and the other was on what the company calls ‘The Openings Team’ who go around all the new bars before opening and train the staff before the launch night.

It was sooo lovely to see familiar faces, so after a hug and quick catch up, they made us two of the cocktails on their menu. Aviation American Gin is by Ryan Reynolds, there was a large cardboard cut out of him there, one of multiple reasons this cocktail/stand was one of my favourites.

I chose the ‘Rosie & Gin’, a mix of Aviation American Gin, Hibiscus Syrup, Fresh Raspberries, Pineapple, Strawberry Puree, Pineapple Juice & Elderflower Tonic. Refreshing, fruity and strong on the gin, that can only be a good thing!

Next, we made our way around to the Monkey Shoulder Whiskey stand, we had seen it on the way in and it looked like great fun.

I chose the ‘Ginger Monkey’ with ginger ale and an orange wedge, whilst Josh had ‘Show Me The Monkey’ with Drambuie, apple juice and mint, another great couple of drinks! Whilst we are sipping away, I’m trying to take a picture of Josh and the Bathtub Gin rep decides to come across and take one of us…of course he talks us into going over to their stand!

At this point, we’ve had a couple and because I clearly can’t handle drink like I used too (could I ever?) I’ve decided to tell him I used to be a bartender (rookie mistake, even when I bartended I was hardly the best, lol). So I’ve been tasked with making my own drink, at least he let me measure, Josh had to free pour! It turned out pretty good If I do say so myself, I can still shake a cocktail so that’s a plus.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell you what was in it or what I made apart from it had Bathtub Gin, I think there was some lime in there…

After a really fun expeience at Bathtub Gin, we made our way to Makers Mark, so far so good sticking with whiskey & gin…we think. I chose the blueberry old fashioned (unreal) and I can’t remember what Josh had, as you can imagine by this point we’ve had like 4/5 cocktails in an hour so not exactly taking it easy. This isn’t a profesional review, so I’m allowed to be a little drunk…

Fast forward maybe another hour and we’ve jumped to the Coke Cola mixers and their ‘Enter The Dark’ interactive hut. We’re pretty drunk by this point and in this little intimate tasting session with like 12 other drunk people, those poor Coke reps.

Two really cool points which made this the best bit, even though I don’t really like Coke, they branded their own orange peel garnish (so cool) AND we got free bar blades, winner.

It deffo got really blurry after this guys I’m sorry to say. I remember I got Josh a bottle of gin for his birthday distilled from Rye, Bumbu had a stand with VR in which you could pretend you were on a beach in Barbados (could of stayed there ALL night) and they had straws made from pasta, genius.

All in all a really fun night, we 100% hit London Cocktail Week HARD and I still had beer fear on Sunday! Next time it’s about, get yourself involved it was a really friendly atmosphere and we had a great evening.