social media marketing

We offer a range of social media marketing services, you can go as small as a few images or graphics or dive straight in with our full package! We are also able to offer you anything in between, a weekly schedule with some written content perhaps? Mix & match our social media marketing services depending on what stage you are at with the digital presence of your business, some areas may need more support than others.

We cover social media marketing services for the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn – we can also give advice on other platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok & YouTube. All prices are calculated depending on the nature of what you need, this can be discussed in more depth during our initial chat.

social media graphics/imagery

Things such as edited original images/stock images, branded content, social graphics and animated graphics – check out some examples below! Extra samples can be available upon request – for an idea of written content that could accompany your images, head over to our copywriting & content page.

social media audit

See this as a bit of a spring clean, this is only required if you already have social media platforms in use. After our initial chinwag, we perform a social media audit which assess your current platforms & audience. For this we will need access to your analytics & insights (we can help you with this), from there we can look and see what’s working and what is not, you can then use this information & data how you like to improve your strategy.

social media insights & mini schedule

You might be struggling on what to do with all your content & audience data, you may not know how to use this to your advantage or simply not a have clue what we are talking about. With this service we take a peak at all your analytics & insights and get all this data together for you in a no jargon document.

We use this data to create a weekly posting schedule that you can trial to see if it gets you the desired results – available for up to 2 platforms. If you want to learn how to read your insights/analytics, why don’t you head over to our personalised tutorials page!

the full package

If it’s something a bit more in depth you are looking for and not just the odd image or bit of text, then you need the full package social media marketing service, a complete 360 that is designed to elevate your presence across the board!

So what do you get? We’ve covered it as much as we can without dragging it out too much, we hope…

– Initial chat – via video such as Skype/Zoom, face to face meeting if you are within our mile radius (of course during Covid-19 this won’t be available) or we can simply have a natter on the phone if you prefer to hide that pretty face. We are here to discuss what you want for your brand, what are your goals? What do you want to achieve? Increased engagement? Raise your brand awareness? Let’s talk it out.

– Social Media Audit – we perform a social media audit which assess your current platforms & audience. From there we can look and gather all kinds of data and get all our findings across to you in a way you will understand, this can be via email or we can video call again.

– Social Media Strategy – the big one, based on all our chats and data gathered we will create a strategy together! We look into your business, your industry & do some competitor research, discuss key performance metrics, your buyer personas, the analytics & insights data we have gathered and any USP’s to focus on. We will discuss any social media assets such as graphics & written content you already have and ones we can create for you. This strategy will include a posting schedule, which you can choose to do by hand but we will highly recommend a platform such as Hootsuite (we can also do this for you).

– Reporting back – we really do tailor each plan to suit individual needs and put a lot of love into what we produce, the success of your business is what drives ours. That’s why it’s important that we report back after each month on the strengths/weaknesses of this strategy with some data and a quick natter. We will explain everything to you so it’s easy to understand and from there it’s up to you, you can either stay with us or use everything we have done and all the information gathered to fly solo, we would miss you but there is no contracts here.

– Constant communication – we are now in a partnership and this can only be a good thing! The success of your business is important to us, we want everything to run as smoothly as possible and ensure that the strategy we create is working, make sure you keep in touch and let us know about anything you want to add/change.

If you are thinking right now that yes, you just need a couple of images edited with some engaging text or that actually, you totally need that full package for your business. If you want to team up, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below with enquries or questions you have and we will be in touch.