personal digital marketing tutorials

What makes amarela unique is our passion for a personal approach. We pride ourselves on offering a full transparency service where you are with us every step of the way, as it should be.

We’ve found in our time that not everyone wants someone else to do their digital marketing for them and that’s okay, we understand. What they want is someone to show them HOW to do it and spend some quality, 1-1 time with them in a personalised digital marketing tutorial, so that they are able to go off on their own and run the show.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a marketing degree or hand you over years of experience. But what we CAN do, is take the time to teach you some basic digital marketing skills in various areas and give you some knowledge of the tools that we use, great right?

We want to be able to offer the digital marketing tutorial service as much as possible but we have to take into account our small team, so this service is offered on a first come, first served basis and booked into slots throughout the week.

These time slots can include out of business hours (although these times are more popular so there may be a wait). Duration of the tutorials will depend upon an initial chat about what you need and our planning of your personalised session.

what we cover

graphics (Canva)

understanding your insights/analytics – basic for beginners

social media navigation (how to use platforms)

email marketing providers (Klaviyo & Mailchimp)

schedulers (Hootsuite & Facebook Publishing Tools)

SEMrush (keyword tool for beginners)

+ more!

We’re only naming a few here, the team at amarela are up to challenge of helping you as best we can with ANY digital marketing tips & tricks! Need some help in any of the areas above OR got something in mind that isn’t on this list? Let us know via the form below and let us help you with a personalised, 1-1 digital marketing tutorial today!