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If you are not a marketer and you think about your digital marketing strategy, email probably doesn’t come to your mind straight away, if at all. It is one of the oldest forms of digital communication and is still just as popular and just as key in your digital strategy.

The first email was sent in 1971, it has changed just a tad over the last 50 years however. You probably think that email marketing is a waste of time and will just end up in someones spam, but in reality successful email campaigns have the opportunity to bring back some crazy high R.O.I (we’re proud of that rhyme).

Not only is your email marketing easily one of the cheapest options out of the big digital players, it’s information that your audience has actually signed up for and wants to receive meaning they are more likely to engage with it! They are easy to measure, execute and can be sent directly to multiple target audiences within your mailing list.

Do you have a subscription list that just gathers dust? Are you struggling to create exciting and engaging email campaigns? Email is a fabulous way to show your loyal customers that their business is important to you, you can use them to send exclusive offers on your products/services, give them updates with weekly/monthly newsletters or offer them an opportunity to be apart of your latest competition/giveaway!

Check out some campaign examples below:

email lists

First things first, before we go ahead with anything you need to have an email list* in place. Do you already have a process in place collect this data? If not, we can help! There are creative ways to get subscribers to your mail list, it can be a slow process at first but have patience, we can help provide the best plan of action for you and get your collection started!

*A quick one though friends, please do NOT buy your email addresses from a dodgy dealer because you think it’s a quick fix! Not only will they be useless as these accounts didn’t ask for your content and most likely won’t open your email, they didn’t agree for you to have their email address in the first place, this can get messy – read more about GD-PR here.

email templates

Are you just lacking a creative eye when it comes to your campaigns? We have you covered! We can make you some exciting and engaging email templates for various campaigns – complete with branded graphics & content!


If you need help on creating an email marketing strategy we can help there too, we establish the goals you want from your campaigns, look at your brands audience and create your email template. We decide on a set schedule and make sure that we stick to it, email is personal and we need to make sure your customers aren’t bombarded.

Once you’ve given this the go ahead, we get it set up for you in an email marketing provider (ESP) such as Klaviyo or Mailchimp (did you know, you can head over to our personalised tutorials page if you have all this ready and just want to learn how to use it!)

We then select the target audience from your mailing list and away it goes! The software will assess the success of the campaign and give us valuable insights and data that we can report back on.

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