You understand your business better than anyone else, your products and services are spot on. You pride yourself on being a hard working individual who puts their all into it and you’ve worked hard to get to where you are.

You really are doing a great job…

…the only thing? When it comes to your digital presence, such as social media marketing, email marketing and your website, you can be at a bit of a loss. Sure you could research into digital marketing all on your own and go from there, but that could be a bit of a risk when you aren’t 100% sure and it can take up valuable time you actually need to invest elsewhere in your business.

You could hire a big, fancy agency and spend £££, but will they get you and your brand on a personal level? You are just another name on the list, they handle hundreds of accounts, juggling so many balls, how can you count on them to put all their attention into your business?

That’s where amarela digital is different.

We don’t throw you from team to team or person to person.

We don’t half listen or rush you to talk about your business because we have 10 other calls we need to make just like yours that day.

We don’t put you in a long waiting list and prioritise big spenders.

what do we do?

The only way our small business can grow is by helping yours to do the same, our prices are affordable (no strings attached remember) and we provide the highest quality of personalised service, we are passionate about digital marketing and take pride in our work.

Even though we are just getting started, we already have some very happy customers, check out our reviews below:

still unsure?

Okay, time to bring out the big guns…we’re talking facts.

3.5 billion people are on social media, that’s roughly about 45% of the world’s population scrolling through. Facebook is the leader here with 2.3 billion active users, Instagram isn’t doing too shabby with over 500 million people on their daily & Twitter is coming up close with 145 million daily users.

Over 54% of us use social media to research a product before we buy, with 71% of consumers recommend said product to a friend, IF their social media experience with them has been positive – more reasons to have that digital presence in tip top shape!

Active email accounts are nearing 5.6 billion and 99% of consumers check their email accounts everyday. 59% say marketing emails influence their purchase choice and 80% of business professionals believe email marketing increases customer retention.

So if you’re thinking right now “wow, I didn’t think it was that important! But it’s okay, I will just hire an in house digital marketing manager…”, that’s a fair thought. Just a heads up though, the average annual salary of an in house digital marketing manager in the UK is close to £50,000…that’s a good chunk out of your business and that doesn’t even cover marketing budget!

so, what happens now?

Having a strong digital presence is more important now than ever. Businesses have been moving online for a long time, regardless of your products/services/industry, there is a digital marketing strategy that will suit YOU.

Do you think you need some help but don’t exactly know what with? Head over to our digital marketing services page and have a look through what we are able to offer. Maybe there is just one thing on there, maybe there is a couple, or maybe you need a full blown strategy, we are here to support your business and help you digitally grow.

Still stuck? No worries, head over to the contact us page and drop us an email with your enquiry, we can give you our number/Skype name for a quick chat if needs be! Make sure you follow us on socials too, where you can message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t let digital scare you any longer, you don’t need to be a content wizard, a scheduling superstar, an email guru or an Insta expert to grow your business online, all you need is amarela digital.