Personable, fun, creative and unique social media management, crafted for your small business.

At Amarela Digital, we know what it feels like to want to stand out from the crowd. With a huuuugeeee selection of marketing folk to choose from nowadays, what makes us so special?

Why us?

We know your business is more that just your product or service, it’s everything else that makes it so unique too! That’s what we place great focus on. Personality and connection. Marketing your business on social by shining and big old light on its story, its team, its history, its reason for being as well as showing off your products and services in a way that represents your brand.

A small team means time is on our side. Instead of a huge agency juggling loads of clients, stretched out so thin that your business isn’t getting the time and attention it deserves, we actually HAVE the time. The time to tailor our services to your small business and it’s needs. The time to put 110% into your social media management and smash it.

We believe in connecting to your customers on a human level, so that next time they require a product or service you have, they come to YOU and not your competitor.

Every business has its place and its people on social, it can be successful in this “crowded” space, by connecting and communicating in personal, fun, creative and unique ways.

So, are you ready to stand out?

What we offer

Content Generation

Content Creation

Growth Strategy


Insights + Analytics Reports

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Social Platforms





TikTok + more!

Please bare in mind that not every platform is right for every brand and their audience. We make sure that before we commit to anything, that you will get the best from us, so we will always perform a media audit to see where you are currently sitting at, what you are missing and how we can help.

Go on, you know you want too…